Collaborative Structures Limited (CSL) was established in 2003, and for sixteen years have been committed to delivering excellence to every project they undertake. Over their lifespan, CSL have completed more than 200 major industrial, commercial and institutional projects and continue to add to their impressive resume. With a diverse and talented multi-generational team, CSL strives towards total client satisfaction and excellence in all projects. With the support of three owner partners, five managers, ten project managers and ten project coordinators, CSL is able to put the most suitable team forward to successfully execute any project.

Lauren Ferraz, Marketing Coordinator at CSL, emphasized the importance of tailoring their team to complete each project. “We look at each project from the planning stages and analyze what is required from our end to best serve the client”, explained Ferraz. Using a combination of personnel expertise and communication support systems, CSL is able to stay connected with their team and clients alike throughout each stage of the job. According to Ferraz, “a good team environment, with good communication, facilitates collaboration during the different scopes of work”. As a result, new in 2019, CSL have started using Procore to guarantee efficient communication between all parties. Procore is an online platform that links site supervisors remotely. The software ensures that all supers, head office, and clients have access to any required documents pertaining to the project at hand. This proactive measure guarantees that all pertinent information is shared instantly.

With the client experience put on the forefront, CSL takes pride on their relationship-building efforts. Working with Europro on several different projects, it is evident that collaboration has always been a top priority. CSL have been contracted by Europro to complete two previous projects in the Kitchener-Waterloo portfolio and are currently executing the Conestoga College build-out at Market Square.

Paul McKenna, Sr. Project Manager at CSL, is currently managing the Conestoga College Market Square build-out. The 85,000 square foot build-out is on its third week of construction, and engines are firing on all cylinders. McKenna describes the build-out experience as positive. “The relationship [with Europro] is very proactive in making sure that the delivery team has all they need, and the design team, as well as the client are well informed in all the aspects of the project. We are pleased with the way everyone is performing”. The project is set to be completed in mid-December, with Conestoga College being a fully functioning institution to start the winter semester in January of 2020.

In addition to the Conestoga College build-out at Market Square, CSL is working on other projects revitalizing Kitchener’s downtown core. “We are doing a lot of revitalization projects on buildings that were underutilized in the past. Working to give them new life and tenants that are going to be there for a long time”, mentioned Ferraz. With continued efforts to further enhance the city’s thriving ecosystem, both CSL and Europro see a bright future ahead for downtown Kitchener.