This week is Construction #SafetyWeek!

CSL’s Health & Safety department has been busy actively promoting workplace safety by visiting project sites and providing lunch for employees. The department’s efforts aim to cultivate a culture of safety within CSL and remind employees and subtrades of their shared responsibility to maintain a safe work environment. CSL is committed to prioritizing the well-being of its employees, and these site visits are a tangible way to demonstrate appreciation for staff’s dedication to safe work practices and procedures.

Here are 6 ways to build a stronger safety culture:
1. COMMUNICATION – a great way to encourage a conversation about safety while building a positive culture is to hold weekly/monthly safety talks. As well as increasing worker buy-in by having employees lead the talks. Ensure copies of safety policies and procedures are readily available.
2. PROVIDE TRAINING – training employees and reviewing key messages from training sessions to reinforce learning will demonstrate a company’s commitment to safety. Trained employees are more likely to embrace a safety culture.
3. LEAD BY EXAMPLE – Workers won’t buy-in to safety if they don’t see policies and procedures being followed by their superiors. Safety is more than talking the talk, it’s walking the walk. If management commits to safety, employees will follow suit.
4. DEVELOP AND IMPLEMENT A POSITIVE REPORTING PROCESS – reward employees who report safety hazards or concerns. A positive safety culture will be much easier to build and maintain when employees feel comfortable reporting concerns and believe that the reporting process is positive.
5. INVOLVE WORKERS – another way to achieve employee buy-in is to involve them in the process. Ask them what they would like the reporting process to look like, or get their feedback on current communication methods.
6. PUT YOUR JHSC INTO ACTION – having a trained and active JHSC is a great way to show safety culture in action. It demonstrates a commitment between workers and management to work safely.

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