PCA held a suabout_us_CSLnews_PCAphotoccessful Lobby Day at the Ontario Legislature last month. It was an opportunity for us to meet with more than a half dozen PC Caucus members as well as Labour Minister Kevin Flynn and Cambridge MPP, Kathryn McGarry, the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry.

We continue to raise awareness about the benefits of fair and open construction tendering. Our message is about fairness for contractors, workers, municipalities and taxpayers. As you know, a loophole in Ontario’s Labour Relations Act restricts construction competition, which shuts out contractors and workers and forces too many municipalities to pay a premium for infrastructure work. We had some interesting conversations about the issue and will continue to push forward to make a strong case for fair and open tendering when we meet with officials in the City of Toronto.

Over the coming months, we will be capitalizing all opportunities to raise further awareness and galvanize support. We will keep you updated on our continuing progress.