Maple Lodge Farms Tray Pack Super Plant

This project involved decommissioning an existing 45,000sq.ft warehouse/freezer space to renovate the facility into a cooler and accommodate and install a new state-of-the-art processing and tray pack line. To achieve the standards required for the facility’s new function all underground piping was removed and replaced to include more floor drains for wash-down requirements and sanitation to meet CFIA standards. Extensive structural shoring was designed to support the second floor and roof load. The scope also encompassed a complete footing design, structural steel columns and steel I-Beams, as well as, reinforcing of a masonry wall while shoring was present. Insulated metal panels enclose the entire space to create the ideal cooler conditions, with additional evaporator cooling units installed hanging from the structure, catwalks suspended from the tray pack lines for access and maintenance, new ammonia, air, and water systems to accommodate the process equipment, and interstitial space where the systems run – a chase for all mechanical and electrical. A new data communication outlet was also constructed to relay processing information from the equipment to the main facility control room, as all of the processing equipment has advanced data capabilities.


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Maple Lodge Farms


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