Maple Lodge Farms Air Chill Expansion

The Air Chill Expansion consisted of constructing an addition that was approximately 9,500sqft, designed to provide required cooling of poultry prior to heading to the production lines. The new expansion was constructed above the existing maintenance and receiving area, an existing precast assembly based on solid concrete columns, surrounded by existing facility roofing on the South, East, and West elevations. Strict load bearing requirements were executed on this project as the addition was completed on top of the existing precast double T’s plank roof system of the second floor, creating a new third and fourth floor. Furthermore, no load could be put onto the precast, only on the concrete columns, so all of the machinery and evaporators that were installed were designed to be hung from the new roof assembly. In order to completely seal the new air chill system from the maintenance shop below, a new membrane of liquid rubber was poured.


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