Cortes Condominium Development

The Cortes on King Condominium consisted of the construction of an 89,000 sq. ft (gross) 6 -storey condominium. Construction began the summer of 2014 with CSL acting as the Construction Manager/ General Contractor for this turn key – new build. The project began with the construction of timber lagged shoring around the perimeter of the site, to permit for foundation excavation to extend the property limits. There are two full levels of below-grade parking structures for use by the building tenants. The basement footprint also contains storage spaces, elevators, stairwells, mechanical, electrical and garbage rooms. The ground floor contains entrance and amenities serving the residential tenants, as well as several thousand square feet of commercial space divided among three units. Half of the ground floor is an exterior covered parking deck. Floors 2-6 consist of high-end residential units, each with a private glazed balcony. The building facade consists of brick veneer, EIFS, composite panel systems, and aluminum framed glazing systems.


Waterloo, Ontario


KGR Holdings



J.L Cortes Architects Corporation


Construction Services

General Contractor