The Old Post Office project was ambitious, involving multiple architectural firms, countless artisans and tradespeople, and dozens of consultants. The entire project was managed by Collaborative Structures Limited (CSL), a Cambridge-based construction company that has spent the last fifteen years working in communities across Ontario. One of their specialties is heritage and re-adaptive use projects. To date they have led ten major heritage projects, as well as contributing detail-specific pieces to many other buildings across the province.

President David Timlock (Left) reflected on the company’s last three years working on the Old Post Office. He acknowledges it has been an extremely successful build, but that it was not without its challenges. While the location of the building was originally chosen in 1885 for its prominence to downtown, having a river on one side, a major road on the other, and sandwiched in by two existing buildings made it difficult to move throughout construction. Sequencing the tasks was essential in order for CSL to “work their way out of the project” and ensure everything could be accomplished properly.

One exciting development coming out of this project for CSL was their creation of an innovative new technique to ‘pin’ stone walls. Using a framework of pins, lintels, and beams allowed restoration work to be completed on the stonework below the pins without compromising the integrity of the structure, or needing to remove and replace more stones and grout than necessary.

It has been wonderful to work with a local company on this project, and David shared that his team has felt the same way. “We’re very proud and satisfied to be a part of a project in our own backyard.” Remo Schlumpf (Right), Project Superintendent with CSL, echoed this, “I have enjoyed this experience, working with staff at the City of Cambridge and Idea Exchange on this exciting project.” We whole-heartedly agree. Thank you CSL, for all your hard work over the past three years!