Mission & Values

CSL is focused on understanding the needs of its stakeholders, building long-term relationships with each stakeholder based on collaboration, trust, and open communications, and delivering the desired results – every time.

At all times, CSL endeavors to be open, fair, ethical, and professional in all dealings with owners, design professionals, all levels of government, subtrades, suppliers, manufacturers, and safety authorities.

To be leaders in Project Execution Excellence



CSL will never compromise our integrity or honesty.


Health & Safety

Our people, associates, and trades are our most prized resources. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all personnel working on any CSL project. Our process ensures that a full-time safety representative monitors and reports any activity that contravenes our corporate Health & Safety Program.


Teamwork & Communication

Our process is based on being open, trustworthy, and collaborative. We require all staff, consultants, and trades to be proactive in all phases of our process. Only by behaving in an open and professional manner are we able to identify and address potential challenges in our quest to deliver the exceptional results you expect.



Our commitment is summed up in three words: Project Execution Excellence. Our job is to design and construct the very best solution to meet your specific needs. We do this by first understanding your goals and objectives, create a detailed plan, and then execute within the allotted budget. By having open communications with all participants and empowering our tradespeople, we deliver on our promise of excellence.



Innovation is a process of understanding the challenges and coming up with the best solution. At CSL, we have a reputation for simplifying the complex while delivering excellent solutions that are cost-effective.



If we want to be the best, we need the best. Our culture at CSL is inclusive and inspirational. We believe in empowering people to think and act independently. It’s core to our success. Empowered people are motivated, proactive, and have a sense of clarity. Our collaborative approach makes us open to new solutions. It’s why we continually invest in training our employees. Identifying a potential problem before it becomes a problem is always the best solution.



We are committed to sustaining and improving the quality of life in communities where we work by respecting local cultures, addressing the unique needs of the community, and protecting the environment.


Building trust

Excellence is achievable when we have the trust and respect of our partners and team. Our collective success is based on trust and open communication channels with owners, architects, and trades.