Collaborative Structures Limited (CSL) provides Construction Management, General Contracting, and Design-Build services within the Residential, Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) sectors of the Southwestern Ontario construction market.

Established in 2003, CSL has built strong connections in Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Hamilton, and surrounding areas. In 2010 the company relocated to its current location at 6683 Ellis Rd, Cambridge, where in 2018 an addition was added to further accommodate its growing workforce.

In 2018, Bill Zister joined CSL as CEO and Principal in Charge, guiding the company and establishing the current management group that exists today.

Since its inception, CSL has experienced significant growth, driven by its commitment to deliver exceptional services to clients and striving for excellence in every project. The company is dedicated to exploring new business avenues and enhancing building practices to distinguish itself within the industry.

As CSL celebrates its 21st year in business, it acknowledges the importance of planning for future growth while building upon its impressive track record of success. With a team comprised of seasoned professionals and motivated graduates from Canadian colleges, CSL is well-positioned to tackle projects with a blend of experience and youthful innovation. Having completed over 250 major industrial, commercial, and institutional projects, CSL is well-financed, bonded, and ready for the future.


Client satisfaction is not just about meeting expectations; it’s about exceeding them.


CSL boasts a collective knowledge spanning decades. This passion is evident in their dedication to pioneering and leading the construction industry. With an adept ability to swiftly grasp clients’ needs and project scopes. The result: CSL has grown substantially over the past 21 years.


At CSL, the first objective is to comprehend clients’ needs, goals, and priorities. Through ongoing collaboration and feedback from stakeholders such as owners, developers, architects, subtrades, and project management staff, CSL ensures alignment towards common objectives. A core competency lies in dissecting complex projects into manageable components, proactively identifying potential challenges, and implementing appropriate solutions. They strategize, anticipate, manage, execute, and deliver, leading to overall savings in time, cost, and effort for all involved.


Excellence is the cornerstone of CSL’s culture. They are steadfast in their commitment to delivering excellence across every project facet – from design and innovation to execution and collaboration. Open communication and collaboration are championed alongside a team of seasoned experts and skilled tradespeople. CSL seeks employees who share their passion for construction and dedication to building excellence. They strive for quality workmanship from individuals who take pride in their craft. Internally, CSL invests in training, promoting, and rewarding their most proficient employees, ensuring clients receive nothing but the best.