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Cambridge Treaffic Guys Help Dance Drivers’ Troubles Away

July 28, 2017 by Lisa Rutledge – Cambridge Times

‘Why not make their day?’

Two guys with a sign in their hands and a jig in their step turned drivers’ traffic troubles into a reason to smile.

Wesley Allgood and Brian Winchester were handed stop signs and hired to persuade lanes of traffic to wait their turn while construction crews worked on the new library on Water Street near Main Street Friday (July 28).

The Collaborative Structures Ltd. employees, who also happen to be friends, used their power of persuasion to entertain drivers caught in downtown’s car snarls.

Though the job of traffic control isn’t their traditional line of work, the two found themselves on road duty Friday and decided to put a positive spin on an otherwise tedious job and make everyone’s day.

And by all accounts it was working, as potential road rage quickly turned to smiles, cheers, horn honking and a steadily gathering fan base. Some pedestrians even stopped for a selfie.

“People are mad at you all the time,” said Winchester, as he held back southbound traffic on Water Street early in the afternoon. “Why not make their day?”

Within hours he had a few signature moves, one of which included a flashy sign spin to announce to stopped southbound drivers it was their turn to hit the gas.

Strictly following safety rules while controlling north and southbound lanes, the trained workers co-ordinated flow by singing “Switch!” into their two-way radios.

The show wasn’t just for drivers, however. Allgood and Winchester insist standing stationary on a hot road for hours at a time isn’t as easy as it looks.